The Beauty of Contrast

Contrast is astonishing. It enables us to see past faded limits and the grey of monotony. Through self-reflection, contrast encourages us to widen our vision, lengthen our stamina and intoxicate ourselves with gratitude and motivation.

Yesterday marked 9 years since my mom left her unique + beautifully petite body. Her vehicle to hug, hold and embrace others, to effortlessly fill rooms with serenity and joy, and to breathe life, beauty and grace into everything she created.
There are times when I miss my mom as a mother: to confide in, to ask questions for guidance, to seek comfort and to plug myself into the essence of true unconditional love.
A lesson from this all has been that ALL relationships truly start within. The relationship with your partner, your children, your parents, your best friends, your boss, your job, your time, your success, and your overall journey.
The external relationships we experience in our world and in our life all stem from what we have created them to be. Our job is to know which ones to nourish, and which to peacefully let fall away.
There are more often times that I miss my mom, as Aleta. With her genuine sweetness, her cute humor, her cleverness, her vibrant creativity, her true wisdom beyond her time, her serene demeanor and loving energy, her adventurousness and spontaneity, and her strong will.
When we see how precious life really is, how together we all truly are in this…we can begin to see ourselves in one another. 

So thank you – to all of you.
Thank you for that inch of your humor that reminds me of hers, or a curve of your smile that looks familiar, an encouraging word of wisdom that rings a bell, or a loving hug that lightens my heart.

Thank you for being you and sharing exactly that with the world. You are more than appreciated.

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A Worthy Reminder

Feel Motion.

Feel what it means to move, to breathe in accordance with your body’s needs.

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

Find that repetition that brings your unique rhythm to life. ✨

Breathe and be, all else happens naturally.

We can’t help but be ourselves when we feel comfortable. We can’t help but be loving when we feel loved. We can’t help but thrive when we feel worthy.

So let’s make ourselves comfortable, whether we’re out of our element or drenched in it. Let’s love ourselves so genuinely and UNCONDITIONALLY that we can’t help but share it outside of ourselves, treating others with limitless compassion and spirit.

Now, let’s remind ourselves how worthy we are. How incredible we are.

Worth is subjective, it’s created for exchange. Our life is a reflection of our self-worth. What we surround ourselves with is what we BELIEVE we deserve to experience, to have, to be.

Can we make a promise to ourselves to re-evaluate our own worth? We are living beings that can do practically anything but fly, and for that we have giant buses with propellers that jump into the sky and teleport us to different parts of the world.

Goodnight, 💋🙏🏼

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2017 Solar Eclipse Experience


At times we may deny our own darkness, the sides of us we don’t find particularly beautiful: the impurities, the judgments, the anger, the repeated mistakes.
Though we may deny them, they don’t simply vanish.
The Solar Eclipse reminds us of the importance of darkness.
You can only be in a dark room for so long until your eyes adjust, and you naturally seek out crevasses of illumination…

The Solar Eclipse highlights the silver-lining of darkness… It’s ability to REFOCUS our eyes to new light.

This new light can simply be a new perspective on an old belief, or a new way you see yourself as human; as a beautiful + non-perfect being with a limitless soul.

The balance between light and dark does not have to be equal. Like the Yin Yang symbol, there may be just a touch of darkness within the light, or vice versa.

Both must coexist.

It’s the contrast that keeps the two from blending together + creating a grey world. It’s our job to create the harmony + balance between them in our own experience.


1. In a safe place, somewhere you will not be disturbed, take a moment to get comfortable in an upright seated position.

2. Scan your body, for any tension, any tightness, and any discomfort that may be present.  Know that you are safe.

3. If you will allow yourself, take a moment to surface any undigested emotions, any stifled feelings that may exist, from today, yesterday, last week, last year, etc.

4. Take as many breaths as you need to allow these emotions and thoughts to pass.

5. Now, invite in the light.
example: “[Universe] please fill my entire being with only good, pure + healing white light.

Picture this beautiful vibrant white light pouring through the top of head and filling your entire body.  Allow this white light to push out and replace any darkness you may feel or see.

Take as many deep breaths as you need (through your nose and out your mouth) to fill up your entire body with light.

6. “Aham Prema” I am divine love.

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